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You're curious, adventurous. You travel yourself, want to travel or like to read about travelling. Inspiration has been the most important tool for us to discover new things and get out of our comfort zone.

With this website, we want to give you useful tips, invite you to discover and share experiences. From our friendship, we want to offer different perspectives on various journeys.

We like to travel together, but also make trips with other friends or alone. In this way, there is always a perspective for you that we can hopefully inspire you with!

We'd love to hear from you. Leave a message if you have a question, tips or want to tell us something :)

About Me



I used to be called a hermit and somewhere I am still. I'm perfectly entertained with an evening of couch hanging. Netflix, movie, pizza and beer.

With my parents, I've been to different places, often with a folding caravan. They enjoyed visiting small towns, camping and hiking in nature. So we went hiking in the Ardennes regularly. That region still holds a special place in my heart. The forests, nature, streams, rock formations and small hills are magical to me and that's where I feel, completely in my element.

I remember one moment when Jannieke and I were on Zakynthos. We walked across the island, in the open nature, in the full sun, and I was enjoying the freedom I felt at that moment so much. The scenery was breathtaking, I enjoyed the delicious food in Greece. And yes, then I wanted more.

In 2019 the three of us went on holiday together for the first time. A few days in Prague, and then to Let It Roll, and that's where it all started. We have been good friends for a very long time, but this was the first time we would be together for a long time. But we enjoyed this. We were away from our own lives, freedom all-over. Well enjoying everything Prague had to offer and the festival life.

When we drove home I felt it, something had changed. I wanted more. I wanna get away from home and see the world more often. I want to taste and experience the different cultures. And that's how this project started, on to our next adventure!



My passion for travelling started with the city of Prague. In the fourth class we visited this beautiful city and for the first time I felt at home in a big city! Many times I went back to Prague and each time I discovered new places.

I've been writing since I was a child because it's a way for me to share what's on my mind. These used to be personal blogs about my daily life. That's how I learned to connect and share feelings. Now I want to turn that strength into sharing inspiration and beautiful experiences, but in an authentic way! Because every beautiful experience also includes the downside. It is important to take the lesser sides for what they are, because they belong to life. My focus is that the highlights are worth all the experiences!

Travelling is inspiration for me. Experiencing the different ways of life I find infinitely interesting. Diversity in culture, language and cuisine, but also the similarities. The history behind a country or culture and what influence this has on language, food and social interaction. I find people fascinating, because what drives a person? Combine this with nature and food and I am satisfied. By discovering I learn to understand and that is stimulated by my curiosity!

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